GERMAGIC Duo Disinfectant Spray (2x200ml)


<GERMAGIC Duo contains:
1.MULTI-PRO 72 Disinfectant Spray (200ml)-[Personal]
2.PROSHIELD Disinfectant Deodorizer (200ml)-[Household]

[MULTI-PRO 72 Disinfectant Spray]
72-hour protection, killing 99.9% of “viruses, bacteria and fungi”
• Non-toxic, Non-alchohol, Passed multiple safety tests, including skin irritation test, acute inhalation toxicity test, oral toxicity test, etc.,
• One simple spray is all it takes! It can be used for different objects, for a wide range of uses. (Including clothing, school bags and personal belongings)

[PROSHIELD Disinfectant Deodorizer]
30-day protection, killing 99.9% of “viruses, bacteria and fungi”
• Does not release harmful substances, does not contain alcohol and is long-lasting.
• Don’t need to rinse with water, can be sprayed directly on the surface of objects.
• Contains the antibacterial properties of natural thyme essential oil, which instantly removes odor caused by bacteria while also killing harmful bacteria.
• One simple spray is all it takes! It can be used for different objects, for a wide range of uses. (Including carpet, doorknobs, furniture, curtain, toilet, rubbish bin, car, kitchen, gym room and sporting equipment, etc.

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GERMAGIC™ Duo utilizes GERMAGIC THYME™ (MAP-1) coating technology, which was developed by a team led by Prof. Yeung King Lun of the HKUST-CIL Joint Laboratory of Innovative Environmental Health Technologies. Upon a special blend of antimicrobial polymers, the coating is proven to be 72jours-30 days and effective in killing 99.9%* of bacteria and viruses through contact killing and anti-adhesion technology and remove odors. 
GERMAGIC THYME™ (MAP-1) complies with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines in its ability to inactivate up to 99.9% ^ of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. 

Origin:  Hong Kong


(1) Clean the surface before use • Spray on any contact surface at 15-20cm for disinfection (2) Spray evenly on contact surface 3-5 times until it completely covered and leave it to dry thoroughly (3) Use clean water or diluted bleach for daily cleaning, please avoid using alcohol or detergent (4) To ensure continuous disinfection, GERMAGIC™ recommends spraying it again every 72 hours – 30 days, especially after cleaning.

Size: MULTI-PRO 72 Disinfectant Spray (200ml) + PROSHIELD Disinfectant Deodorizer(200ml)

*Tested by International Institutions and as per the International Standard lab practices & methodology for bacterial tests
^Tested by MICROBAC laboratories as per the EPA requirement for bacterial tests.