GERMAGIC Surgical Mask


Hong Kong: Level 3 Surgical Mask

[3 protection layers design to block bacteria, virus and filter dust]

• Unique crimping design for better fit to block bacteria and virus
• ES non-woven fabric for better comfort. Highly breathable, hypoallergenic
• ASTM Level 3 standard
• EN14683 Type IIR Standard
• BFE(細菌過濾率) ≥99%
• PFE(粒子過濾率) ≥99%。
• VFE(病毒過濾率) ≥99%

Use ES non-woven fabric for better comfort, suitable for sensitive skin

•Size: 175mm x 95mm (Adult)。
•2 Colors: Milky White + Lavendar Light Purple
•30 pcs / Individually Packing

Made in Hong Kong


• Wash your hands before putting on a mask • Place the mask with “GERMAGIC” logo facing outward • Fix the loops around each ear • Stretch the mask to fully cover the mouth, nose and chin • Remove mask after use and hold the ear loops only • Discard into a lidded trash bin